Sugar Skull Cupcakes

I know what your thinking..”It’s not Halloween; what’s up with the skull cupcakes? I had a perfectly good reason to make these sugar skull cupcakes in the middle of February. They were a birthday present for one of my very best friends. Sugar skulls are kind of her “thing”. She and her husband vacation in Mexico often and their trips always coincide with the Day of the Dead. They were even married there during the Day of the Dead.  When I came across this post from My Cake School I knew she had to have sugar skull birthday cupcakes.

Double Chocolate Buterscotch Cookies

If you love chocolate and love butterscotch you have to try these cookies. WARNING it’s hard to eat just one of these cookies.

The boyfriend loves butterscotch and normally he requests butterscotch brownies.  This time he really wasn’t “feeling” brownies. I guess it was more of a cookie kind of day.

So I made these soft & gooey bites of pure chocolatey, butterscotchy (is that a word) goodness. They Have a crispy edge with a super soft inside.

Substituting white chocolate chips, mint chips, dark chocolate chips, or peanut butter chips for the butte scotch chips would be a fabulous variation for these cookies.

Mardi Gras Cupcakes

One of the many things I miss about New Orleans is Mardi Gras. What’s not to miss about a two week long party filled with parades, music, good food and King Cake parties. King Cake and King Cake parties area couple of those New Orleans things  I  usually get confused looks from people when I mention it here in Alaska.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting

I’m really into the idea of desserts for two. I’m especially loving the cupcakes for two recipes I’m coming across lately. I wrote about  some cherry vanilla cupcakes for two earlier this month that were a big hit. If you are interested you can read about them here. If you are still looking for a sweet treat for you’re special someone you might want to give these cupcakes a try. They only use one bowl and will be done about 30 minutes.


Valentine’s Day Cookies


Happy Valentine’s Day! I’ve been so focused on Valentine’s Day Cupcake ideas that I almost forgot to make cookies with my new cookie cutters and supplies Karen’s Cookies. If you haven’t already checked out this site, I highly recommend you do. She has some great tutorials, recipes, videos & supplies like the kissing lips used on these cookies. An added bonus was the reasonable shipping rate and speedy arrival; this is a rare occurrence for Alaskan residents.

Guilt Free Raspberry Cheesecake Bars

Are you looking for a guilt free treat for Valentine’s Day? Do you love raspberries and cheesecake? I may have found just what you need. I stumbled upon this recipe on the Yoplait Facebook page and decided to give it whirl.

The crust is made using Betty Crocker Oatmeal Cookie Mix. Please don’t hate me for using a mix; taking a shortcut from time to time isn’t bad. Is it? The filling is made with cream cheese, Yoplait® Light Fat Free raspberry cheesecake yogurt , eggs, flour and raspberries.  If you fear making cheesecake,don’t fret this recipe is also quite easy.

Musical cupcakes

I’ve been in a Valentine’s baking frenzy the past few weeks. How can I not be with all the cute Valentine’s themed cookies, cakes, pies, dessert tables ,& parties floating around. I wish I could bake all day long and have a HUGE party for all my friends. I had to snap myself out of the frenzy when I got a call requesting cupcakes for a birthday dinner.  For a second I was stumped, my brain has been so focused on Valentine’s Day treats I almost forgot that it was possible to have a birthday or any other type of celebration in February.