Captain America Birthday Cupcakes


I’ve been pretty busy this week making cupcakes for birthday parties &  I just realized that I hadn’t posted  these fun Captain America themed cupcakes.

These were for a six year old’s birthday party at school.  A few days before the party I saw these Jello Cupcakes that Joan from  Chocolate Chocolate and More and I knew they would be perfect for a bunch of kids.  To fit the Captain America theme I used cherry Jello. What kid doesn’t like cherry flavored Jello?

I didn’t really get the swirl effect I’d hoped for on this batch. I was kind of annoyed that I over cooked the first batch (even after Joan’s warning in her post, GRRR) so I was rushing a bit. But they were still pretty cool.

Other than the request for the Captain America shields I had full creative freedom.

 I  like to make things more complicated than needed & I thought that just a bunch of shields would be boring. So, I also made these cute stars

and sixes:

Something tells me that the birthday boy liked his cupcakes!

That is one happy kiddo:)

Be sure to check back later this week to see the other cool cupcakes I made this week for a much bigger kid.