Cinco de Mayo Sombreros

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!


A friend sent me a link to these Sombrero Cookies from Disney Family Fun yesterday afternoon & they were just so cute that I had to make some for Cinco de Mayo.  I have been dying for a reason to try out the Vanilla Variation of Lila Loa‘s End All Chocolate Cookie since Georganne posted it last month &  this seemed as good a time as ever. I’m glad that I did; I was not disappointed. These cookies are tasty,  hold their shape very well and are so easy to work with. I am officially retiring my other sugar cookie recipe.

To make these cookies you will need  some sugar cookies, white icing, Dots candy or gum drops, nonpareils and/or some licorice rope.

Use the icing to stick the gum drop or Dot to the center of the cookie.

Pipe some icing around the dot and sprinkle with nonpareils or affix licorice rope

Pipe icing around the outside edge of the cookies and sprinkle with nonpareils and Voila….

You get some super cute sombrero cookies. These are extremely easy to make & kids would have a ton of fun making these.

I wanted to make something extra special for a Cinco de Mayo dinner party; so I used the smaller sized cookies as cupcake toppers.

I love the way they turned out!