Cupcakes for Teacher Appreciation Week

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week. Let’s get a great big WHOOP  WHOOP for all the hard working teachers out there!

When I was a kid I thought teaching would be the most glorious job in the world.You work 9 months and got the entire summer off. What more could you ask for?

Then I learned these things:

Teachers arrive at school before the kids arrive & leave after they have gone home.

Teachers do home work too.

Teachers have to deal with large numbers of kids & their parents daily & not they are not always well behaved, parents included.

Turns out teaching is not the glamorous  gig I once thought it was.

I was asked to make some “teaching” cupcakes for the teachers at the Girdwood School.

My mom randomly sent me some school themed cupcake liners a couple of months ago. I think she might be psychic. Love her!

I made some cute gold star, A+, chalk board & apple gum paste toppers

Then I did this



and I saved the best for last

Isn’t that apple the cutest thing? They were Plan B for an idea that didn’t work out as planned.

I loved making these cupcakes for the Girdwood School teachers &  I hope they enjoy them.

Here’s one more shout out to all the teachers who work so hard to educate today’s kids!