{Guest Post} Cream Cheese Butter Pound Cake by Kelley from Miss Information!


Hi everyone, I’m Kelley from Miss Information. Many thanks to Dawn for swapping blogs with me today.The genius behind this blog swap is Melissa from Serendipity and Spice  go take a visit to her sight as well. In honor of Mother’s Day I wanted to share one of my favorite recipes my Momma used to make. You can tell I am from the South, cause only southerners call their mothers Momma. I live in Georgia just north of Atlanta with my hubby and 2 boys. Today  I am sharing a recipe for Cream Cheese Butter Pound Cake. It is one of those things in the south that we always have at a tea or take to someone’s house who is sick or just had a baby. It would go perfectly with my Strawberry Lemonade Punch
1 8 oz. Cream cheese
3 sticks
3 cups sugar
6 eggs                
1 ½ t  vanilla         
2 t. butter flavoring 
3 cups flour         

Leave your butter and Cream cheese out for a few hours, you can even set it out the night before to make sure it’s soft enough. This is really important! The softer the fluffier your batter will be!

 Blend Butter and sugar and cream cheese until well mixed, it will be smooth but grainy (does that make sense) Here take a look

 Mix in eggs one at a time and beat between each egg until it’s fully incorporated. Mix Flavoring after all eggs are added. Now your batter will be smooth without the grainy part (ok now were makin sense)  Mix in the flour gently and a little at a time but do not over beat. Hey check out my mixer isn’t she a beaut! You can see how I pimped her out here

 Mix in to flour gently and do not over beat. Now your batter should be really light full and fluffy.

 Put into a large Bundt pan or two loaf pans.  I use my mother’s old pan it may not look pretty but it is sentimental.

When you get it in the pan bang it on your counter a few times  to flatten out the batter here is the after

Bake on 350 degrees at least an hour and most times more. Mine always takes more in fact this one took 1 hour 45 minutes. You HAVE to do a stick test of some kind, trust me I have thought it looked done on the top and then when I pulled it out of the pan it was only half cooked and fell apart in a big mess. 


OK the cake is pretty, the countertops ugly but that is what happens when you buy a house from 2 doctors with no decorating sense, be glad you can’t see the back splash! Now see that crust on the top, in the south we call that the sweet spot it is a little chewy while the cake below is soft and moist. I usually enjoy this with coffee and it is great warm with some extra butter on it for breakfast, as Paula Deen says, “You can never have too much butter ya’ll”

I hope you enjoy it! It is a family favorite. Thank you again Dawn for letting me swap blogs with you and make sure you come to Miss Information to check out what Dawn has whipped up!
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