Peep Cupcakes

By far my favorite Easter candy is Peeps, with Cadbury Creme Eggs coming in at a close second. The weird part about my love for Peeps is that I like them when they are slightly stale. Every holiday that Peeps are available, my mom sends me boxes of them.Because she love me, she pokes holes in the wrappers before shipping them. By the time they make the journey  from Louisiana to Alaska they  have the perfect amount of staleness. This is no lie people; I can’t make  this stuff up.

I really wanted to make Peeps cookies but the 11.00 cookie cutters I found cost nearly $30 to ship to Alaska. RIDICULOUS! So I choose the next best thing white chocolate Peeps toppers for cupcakes. I got to work and made a bunch of these:

Earlier this week I made these Chocolate Banana Cupcakes which were really yummy, but I wanted to try them again with more banana . I used the last of the peanut butter in the last batch, so this time I frosted them with coconut butter cream. It was an excellent combination of flavors!

If you are interested in making white chocolate decorations for your cupcakes check out my Musical Cupcake post. It’s really very easy to do.

I’m headed out for a much needed Spring getaway tonight, but I have a few awesome bloggers that will be guest posting while I’m gone. I’m so excited!