Scout Cookie Challenge

Are you one of those people that can’t walk away from a challenge? I am. I should clarify. I can’t walk away from a cooking or baking challenge. Once I entered a meatloaf challenge and I’d never made a meatloaf in my life. I’m not a fan of meatloaf. The best part is I won! 🙂  How could I not win with brie stuffed pork, buffalo & veal meatloaf muffins, topped with roasted garlic mashed potatoes, a balsamic reduction and a fried basil leaf? I won this fabulous trophy & a few days worth of gloating and smack talking. Good times:)Anyway this post is about a cookie challenge…This week Cristin over at Cristin’s Cookies is hosting a cookie challenge. The theme is Scouts, in honor of her son passing his Eagle Board of Review & becoming an Eagle Scout! I don’t know much about Scouts but I do know that is quite an accomplishment. Another thing I know about scouts is that they spend a lot of time outdoors and camping. So I made camping cookies and made a campsite scene.  The hardest part was making the cookies stand up, but I figured it out.

If you are up for the challenge stop by Cristin’s Cookies and link up before March 11th or just stop by to check out her work, and congratulate her and her son. Make sure to follow her; she does cookie challenges fairly often.



  1. Cristin (Pinkie) of Cristin's Cookies says:

    These are absolutely perfect for our scout cookie challenge this week Dawn! Fantastic job! Your cookies are beautiful! My son has done a gazillion camp-outs with his scout troop and I had never made camping cookies until he earned his Eagle Scout rank! I loved that you shared your cookies! Awesome job! Thanks for playing along and while everyone wins at the cookie challenge, you WIN with awesomeness! 🙂

  2. Run DMT says:

    Look at you! Talented and oh so tasty with the challenges! Those cookies are adorable. Way to go! You are sure to win another challenge for sure.

    I host a foodie link party called Friday Food Fight. I would love for you to link up and share your campsite cookies.

  3. Amy says:

    wow!!so beautiful,you are making me excited!!Thanks for sharing with Midweek Fiesta….Oh I have a challenge too & would like to see you in Decorating Challenge this month party too….:)

    • Dawn says:

      Thanks they were fun to decorate. I only wish I had a bear or some other wildlife in the scene. I linked them up to the decorating challenge along with a couple of my other favorite projects. Thanks for the invite.

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