Skateboard Themed Birthday Cupcakes

I’ve done quite a few cupcake orders over the past few weeks and I’ve had a lot of fun creating all of them.

For all of these orders, I was given quite a bit of creative freedom. I was pretty much just given a theme to work with & only 2 asked for specific flavors.  For the most part, I love these kind of projects. I get to showcase my talents and put a bit of “me” into the project.  I can’t tell you how often a design element turns out to be a bust. The creative freedom allows me to pull plan B out of my butt real quick like and no one has to know about the failed idea.

But it’s also bit nerve wracking. What if my vision of the theme is totally off? What if they absolutely hate what I’ve done? Who wants to be the reason someone’s party or wedding was ruined? NOT I, no thank you.  Thankfully that has NEVER happened to me.* Knock  on wood*  If it did I just might pack up my baking supplies, curl up in a ball, hide out for a long time & for sure there would be tears.

Most recently I did  skateboard themed cupcake for a 50th birthday party.

Just look at all those chocolate cupcakes begging to be topped with buttercream. YUM!

Here are the fun designs I put together. Of course I had to make some skateboardsBIG THANKS to my good friend Sara!!!!. I made her attach all the wheels to the skateboards. She usually works for icing, but since there was no icing involved on this day she had to settle for wine & pizza.

I really liked this wheel on fire.

I’m sad that the different colors in the flame don’t show up in the picture.

And there just had to be some 50s thrown into the mix.

The birthday boy’s wife, Anje,  sent me some pictures from the party. Check out the awesome skateboard display; I love it!

And here’s a picture of the birthday boy & the cupcakes.