Butterfly Cookie Tutorial from Janine of sugarkissed.net

Today Janine fromĀ sugarkissed.net is going to show us how to make some beautiful butterfly sugar cookies. When you done here make sure to hop on over to Janine’s blog to check out her cookies. She does awesome work.

Janine of sugarkissed.net

Hi there, sweets lovers! I’m Janine of sugarkissed.net, where creative sweets are made simple.

I’m thrilled to be guest posting at DJ’s Sugar Shack! Dawn’s blog is a great resource for sweet inspiration. I confess that I’m somewhat cookie obsessed, so I especially love her super cute Sombrero Cookies.

Cake Pops by Karyn from Pint Sized Baker

Today I’d like to welcome Karyn from Pint Sized Baker. I was so excited when I saw the cake pops she made to share here. They are just the cutest things ever.
Hi Everyone! I’m Karyn from the Pint Sized Baker and I’m here to share some cute cake pops with you while Dawn is moving her “sugar shack” to a new address.
Every Friday I share some fun and easy Cake Pop ideas, tips, and tricks over at my blog.
Come on over and say Hi and see what else I’ve been baking up.
Moving sucks!
So glad it’s not me that’s moving.
It seems that a lot of my blogging friends have moved in the past six months. The last time I moved was on 2004 when my husband and I bought our first home together. We moved from a little two bedroom, one bath condo into a three bedroom HOUSE! Since then, we’ve also finished the basement and had a kid! I could not imagine moving all the junk we’ve accumulated over the past eight years.