Happy Valentine’s Day!

Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting

I’m really into the idea of desserts for two. I’m especially loving the cupcakes for two recipes I’m coming across lately. I wrote about  some cherry vanilla cupcakes for two earlier this month that were a big hit. If you are interested you can read about them here. If you are still looking for a sweet treat for you’re special someone you might want to give these cupcakes a try. They only use one bowl and will be done about 30 minutes.


Valentine’s Day Cookies


Happy Valentine’s Day! I’ve been so focused on Valentine’s Day Cupcake ideas that I almost forgot to make cookies with my new cookie cutters and supplies Karen’s Cookies. If you haven’t already checked out this site, I highly recommend you do. She has some great tutorials, recipes, videos & supplies like the kissing lips used on these cookies. An added bonus was the reasonable shipping rate and speedy arrival; this is a rare occurrence for Alaskan residents.

Cherry Vanilla & Cream Cheese Cupcakes for Two

I had cream cheese frosting left over from Red Velvet cupcakes I made last week. Every time I saw opened the refrigerator I could here it whispering, “Eat Me. I’m your favorite.” Something had to be done, but what? I couldn’t throw it away. That would be some kind of crime against cupcakes everywhere. Eating it by the spoonful wasn’t an option or was it? I did go cross country skiing this afternoon and I ate a late breakfast and didn’t eat lunch. These thoughts actually went through my head before I was reminded that I’m in the midst of a “biggest loser” competition. Frosting by the spoonful was not going to get me any closer to that $450.

Red Velvet Valentine’s

I have lived in Alaska for almost 12 years.That’s long enough to stop calling all sodas a Coke & long enough for my southern drawl to have mostly faded away. I say mostly because about 5 minutes after I step off of a plane in New Orleans,it all comes flooding back. I suddenly I hear myself saying things like “bamamamas” (if you don’t speak N’awlins that’s by my mama’s). I have no idea how it happens; I don’t call my mom “mama”- EVER. Deep down inside of me there’s still a Southern Bell that needs to rear her pretty little head from time to time. I actually love that I grew up in New Orleans. How can you not love a place with so much character and such great food? One of the foods I love the most is Red Velvet cake.