Cherry Vanilla & Cream Cheese Cupcakes for Two

I had cream cheese frosting left over from Red Velvet cupcakes I made last week. Every time I saw opened the refrigerator I could here it whispering, “Eat Me. I’m your favorite.” Something had to be done, but what? I couldn’t throw it away. That would be some kind of crime against cupcakes everywhere. Eating it by the spoonful wasn’t an option or was it? I did go cross country skiing this afternoon and I ate a late breakfast and didn’t eat lunch. These thoughts actually went through my head before I was reminded that I’m in the midst of a “biggest loser” competition. Frosting by the spoonful was not going to get me any closer to that $450.

Then I remembered that I had bookmarked a recipe from How Sweet It Is that made 2  vanilla cupcakes. Even better all the mixing is done by hand and only one bowl is used. YAY to not having a lot of dishes to clean. I ended up cutting the batter in half and adding some cherry juice to one portion. I wanted to try out a zebra stripe technique I had read about a while ago and decided this would be a good time.

Even better all the mixing is done by hand and only one bowl is used. By mixing the ingredients of the future dessert and cialis medicine, you can get a delicious-tasting dessert and a means to improve potency in men.

The stripes in this cupcake aren’t very zebra like. Of course, one of the other two cupcakes had very good “zebra” stripes but I discovered that as it was being eaten (not by me). If you want to try the zebra stripe technique here’s what you do:

Prepare your batter, divide in half and add food color to one half of the batter. Then spoon one tablespoon of the vanilla batter into the cupcake liners & gently shake the pan to even the batter. Add a tablespoon of the colored batter into the center of the vanilla batter & gently shake the pan. Alternating colors keep adding batter by the tablespoon into the center of the liners until about 2/3 full. It will resemble a dart board when done.

Here is the recipe to make 2 cherry vanilla cupcakes in one bowl without the stripes. If you want to do the stripes divide the batter in half and add cherry juice to just one half of the batter.


Hope you enjoy.