Chocolate Banana Cupcakes & Peanut Butter Frosting

Last week was a whirlwind. I had plans for something fun almost every night of the week. Then we decided on a last minute Spring get away, a must after an Alaskan winter! I was beginning to wonder if I was going to get around to my Easter treats before we left. I had all these ideas that I had to get out of my head. Does anyone else have this problem? Once you get an idea in your head it bugs you until you do it??  Finally this weekend I found some time to do some baking.

I’ve been dying to try this Banana Chocolate Cupcake recipe I came across on I also had a craving for peanut butter which made me think that peanut butter frosting would be a great compliment to the chocolate and banana. I’d never made peanut butter frosting before but I figured it couldn’t much different than making any other frosting.

The cupcakes were so easy to make…no mixer required. I love to bake, but I HATE to clean. Not having to wash my mixing bowl and paddle twice is always a BIG plus in my book. For the frosting I decided to wing it an hope for the best. Well I must say I love the way it turned out. The combination of the banana chocolate and peanut butter is really good. My only regret with these is that I didn’t add more banana to the cupcakes.

If you are like me, who loves bananas and would like a strong banana flavor, I recommend adding an extra 1/4 cup or so of banana. And as always,  the more ripe your banana is the better for baking. I like mine to be almost black. You know past the point you would want t eat them, but before they become a science experiment on your counter.

Here is the recipe: