Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes

A week later and I finally feel like I’ve recovered from the whirlwind vacation. I’m not the kind of person that has to have a plan for everything.  I’ve come to realize that going to great lengths to make a plan usually leads to me getting frustrated because inevitably nothing goes according to plan. But I really like to have a plan when I’m traveling. I don’t have to have every minute of the day scheduled just the big details, like lodging.

This trip was left up to the boyfriend to plan since we would be visiting his family and  going to California for his job. When we left Alaska I still had no idea what we were doing other than flying to Vegas, flying to Oakland, and flying back to Alaska. I wasn’t concerned about the first week since we were visiting his family. When we arrived in Oakland at 10pm and we still didn’t really know where we were going I  started to worry, but I managed to keep my freak out to myself. I also hid my annoyance when trying to find a place on sunny Friday evening in Santa Cruz when there was great surf in the forecast. At the end I cracked &  booked a room for the last leg of our trip in Sonoma. I’m surprised I managed to hold out that long really.

The trip was a crazy unplanned whirlwind, but it was great. I didn’t mind driving over 2000 miles; we got to see some really beautiful places. I got to meet some really awesome people:)  The boyfriend got to do some surfing in warm & sunny weather as opposed to frigid Alaskan water and I got to spend  a couple of days sampling some really good wines. YAY!

I know your thinking, “What does all this rambling  have to do with Red Velvet Mini cupcakes?” The last night we were in Sonoma I got a text message asking if I was interested in doing some Red Velvet Mini’s for a dinner when I returned.  I was having baking withdrawals so I jumped on the chance.

Since I was left to my own devises for the decorations, I decided to decorate them in a few different ways to make if a little bit more festive.

After I started making the cupcakes I realized that I had no idea how I was going to transport a bunch of mini cupcakes. I had a few ideas, but in the end this idea won:Yep its a pizza box.  It worked pretty well in a pinch. But if any one knows where I can find inserts for mini’s online that would be awesome! I’ve never seen them in craft stores in Alaska.

If you would like to make these Red Velvet Mini’s you can find the recipe here. This recipe made approximately 28 mini cupcakes. I baked the minis for approximately 15 minutes. I recommend checking them after 12 minutes and keeping a close eye on them from there.