Chocolate Cookies Stuffed with Vanilla Salted Caramel

The second I found out about the Great Food Blogger Cookies Swap, I knew I had to sign up.  Here’s a quick run down of how it worked. Each participating blogger was sent mailing addresses of  3 bloggers.  We  baked 3 dozen cookies  and sent 12 to each of the bloggers “assigned” to us.  Then we anxiously awaited the arrival of our 3 boxes of cookies to arrive in the mail. That’s right everyone that participated received 3 boxes of yummy cookies in the mail!!!!!

Red Velvet White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Somehow, I totally forgot about these Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookies that I shared over at Pamela’s Heavenly Treats months ago.

 The recipe uses a box cake mix so they are a quick and fool proof recipe. Although most of my baking is done from scratch, I believe that we all need a few “cheater” recipes for those days when you need to make a treat in a time crunch or maybe your just feeling lazy & don’t want to clean a bunch of dishes. Who knows, maybe you waited until the last minute to start your holiday baking.

Caramel Apple Pie Cookies

It seems as though I’m on a bit of a cookie kick these days.  I keep saying that I’m looking for new recipes for holiday baking, but the truth is I just like to eat cookies. Unfortunately, I live with a bit of a “cookie monster” and cookies always go so fast around here that I don’t get to eat too many. That was definitely the case with these Caramel Apple Pie Cookies.

These appley, cinnamonny  cookies are stuffed with gobs of caramel. mmmmm…caramel…

Butterfly Cookie Tutorial from Janine of

Today Janine from is going to show us how to make some beautiful butterfly sugar cookies. When you done here make sure to hop on over to Janine’s blog to check out her cookies. She does awesome work.

Janine of

Hi there, sweets lovers! I’m Janine of, where creative sweets are made simple.

I’m thrilled to be guest posting at DJ’s Sugar Shack! Dawn’s blog is a great resource for sweet inspiration. I confess that I’m somewhat cookie obsessed, so I especially love her super cute Sombrero Cookies.

Cinco de Mayo Sombreros

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!


A friend sent me a link to these Sombrero Cookies from Disney Family Fun yesterday afternoon & they were just so cute that I had to make some for Cinco de Mayo.  I have been dying for a reason to try out the Vanilla Variation of Lila Loa‘s End All Chocolate Cookie since Georganne posted it last month &  this seemed as good a time as ever. I’m glad that I did; I was not disappointed. These cookies are tasty,  hold their shape very well and are so easy to work with. I am officially retiring my other sugar cookie recipe.

Easter Cookies ( A little late)

This post is a few days late; I scheduled it to publish on Friday but I guess sometimes I’m not as computer savvy  as I would like to think I am. Better late than never, right?

I’m half way into my whirlwind vacation, killing time in the Vegas airport & drinking a spicy mango margarita.YUMMY!  In the past few days we have driven over 20oo miles through 5 states.  Now we’re on our way to warm and sunny California to do some surfing, shopping & wine tasting.

Scout Cookie Challenge

Are you one of those people that can’t walk away from a challenge? I am. I should clarify. I can’t walk away from a cooking or baking challenge. Once I entered a meatloaf challenge and I’d never made a meatloaf in my life. I’m not a fan of meatloaf. The best part is I won! :)   How could I not win with brie stuffed pork, buffalo & veal meatloaf muffins, topped with roasted garlic mashed potatoes, a balsamic reduction and a fried basil leaf? I won this fabulous trophy & a few days worth of gloating and smack talking. Good times:)Anyway this post is about a cookie challenge…This week Cristin over at Cristin’s Cookies is hosting a cookie challenge. The theme is Scouts, in honor of her son passing his Eagle Board of Review & becoming an Eagle Scout! I don’t know much about Scouts but I do know that is quite an accomplishment. Another thing I know about scouts is that they spend a lot of time outdoors and camping. So I made camping cookies and made a campsite scene.  The hardest part was making the cookies stand up, but I figured it out.

Double Chocolate Buterscotch Cookies

If you love chocolate and love butterscotch you have to try these cookies. WARNING it’s hard to eat just one of these cookies.

The boyfriend loves butterscotch and normally he requests butterscotch brownies.  This time he really wasn’t “feeling” brownies. I guess it was more of a cookie kind of day.

So I made these soft & gooey bites of pure chocolatey, butterscotchy (is that a word) goodness. They Have a crispy edge with a super soft inside.

Substituting white chocolate chips, mint chips, dark chocolate chips, or peanut butter chips for the butte scotch chips would be a fabulous variation for these cookies.

Valentine’s Day Cookies


Happy Valentine’s Day! I’ve been so focused on Valentine’s Day Cupcake ideas that I almost forgot to make cookies with my new cookie cutters and supplies Karen’s Cookies. If you haven’t already checked out this site, I highly recommend you do. She has some great tutorials, recipes, videos & supplies like the kissing lips used on these cookies. An added bonus was the reasonable shipping rate and speedy arrival; this is a rare occurrence for Alaskan residents.

Blizzard Baking

Last weekend Girdwood was blessed with a blizzard which brought blowing snow, 70+ MPH winds,  several power outages & fallen trees.  It was the kind of weather that kept the dog from going outside.  So what’s a girl to do to keep from going insane? Whip up a batch (or two) of snow inspired cookies, of course.

I made a batch of these snowball fight cookies. They are a bit more smurfy than I imagined, but I guess that a risk you take when you mix colors while the power is out.